Automatic Gate Systems

Automatic Gate Systems:

Bartlett Brothers Security is the largest Access Control company on the Treasure Coast. We service and maintain over 200 gated communities and residential gate systems. We work hand in hand with property managers, community contractors, Hoa’s, and homeowners to design, install and maintain systems to meet their needs.

Our technicians are trained and tested in the repair and installation of all brands and types of entry systems We understand the peace of mind that our entry systems provide our customers and the importance of providing prompt service for all of your repair needs. Our service is usually performed the same day as we receive the call and we offer 24/7 emergency service for afterhours emergencies.

We offer programming and maintenance contracts on our commercial accounts. Programming of our customer’s systems are  done 3-4 times per day in an effort to get updates to the systems as quickly as possible. Maintenance can be done yearly, semi-anually, or quarterly. We check and address many common problems during maintenance visits and a report is sent to the property manager or HOA after completion.

Maintenance Checklist

  • Battery backups checked
  • Belts checked for wear and tightness
  • Operators cleaned out from bugs and dirt
  • Hinges greased
  • Loops and loop detectors checked
  • Call boxes cleaned and tested
  • Leveling of barrier arms
  • Tightening of loose bolts or screws
  • Visual inspection of all major components

Common Commercial Gate Systems:

Swing Gates: Custom fabricated aluminum swing gates that add beauty and security to communities.

Slide Gates: Custom fabricated aluminum slide gates that run on a track or cantilever style. Slide gates are mostly used where there is not room for a swing gate.

Barrier Gates: Barrier gates can be installed as standalone devices or in conjunction with swing or slide gates. Barrier gates curb tailgating since they open and close much faster than a swing or slide gate.

Tele-Entry/Callbox: Tele-entries are installed when the community does not have guards. Guests use them to call the resident for access or enter an entry code. There are large and small screen units that can be used depending on how many homes are in the community. Phone lines are not required anymore with most manufacturers and a Bartlett Brothers provided cellular communicator can be used instead.

RFID Systems: RFID systems are used for residents to gain access to their community. These systems work in the same way that toll roadways work, with a sticker or tag that gets mounted on the vehicle windshield or headlamp. Transponders can be added, deleted or tracked in the system with their corresponding serial number. RFID is a hands-free entry solution and the gate will open just by approaching with a valid transponder.

Barcode Systems: Barcode readers scan a barcode label on the side of the vehicle as it passes by.  Barcodes can be added, deleted or tracked in the system with their corresponding serial number. Barcode systems are a hands-free entry solution and the gate will open just by approaching with a valid label.

Smart Remotes: These systems utilize small remotes that have unique serial numbers that get assigned to resident. The remotes can be added, deleted or tracked through the system controller by their serial number. Remotes do require pressing of a button for the gate to open and they are transferable devices.

Web Based Control Systems: Bartlett Brothers Security is a certified S2 systems integrator. We prefer to install web based S2 systems to control the gates and other entry points of a community. We can create one easy to use system that controls main gates, secondary gated entry points, clubhouse doors and pedestrian gates, all from one interface and login.. These systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world and do not require any software to be installed on any PC.

Bartlett Brothers Security is authorized dealers of Doorking, Liftmaster, Linear, S2, HID, and many other reliable brands.