Camera Systems

Camera Systems:

Bartlett Brothers Security specializes in designing and installing security camera systems for all types of homes, businesses, municipalities and gated communities.  Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years and thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security camera systems are more effective than ever before. We are constantly evaluating camera distributors and suppliers to provide you with the highest quality equipment at affordable prices.

We have designed and installed countless high definition camera systems in Martin, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach Counties. We offer simple HD over coax systems as well as complex server based IP systems with 100+ cameras. Our systems are easy to use and a cost-effective tool for many applications.

Not all cameras are created equal:

Bartlett Brothers Security has spent countless hours researching and testing what cameras work best in different settings.  We look for features such as image quality, cost, product warranty, average life span, and ease of use.  We have narrowed down the myriad of options and are proud to offer a catalog of cameras that best fit the needs of our customer. We specialize and are authorized dealers of Digital Watchdog DVR’s and IP servers, Hikvision, Digital Watchdog, Axis and Arecont cameras.

We have in house Microsoft certified technicians to deal with the complex networking that today’s high end camera systems require.

Gate incident video and license plate lookup:

Many communities have issues with gate strikes from tailgating and improper use of the system. We know that property managers are extremely busy dealing with all facets of a community and looking up video, saving it, contacting police and investigating what happened, can be a time-consuming task. To find out who the responsible party is, the property manager or board member would need to meet law enforcement and file a report for every incident, which is extremely time consuming.

Bartlett Brothers Security offers these services to property managers and Hoa’s to streamline this process, allowing their time to be spent on other issues. When there is an incident, we are notified and will perform a service call to the site to repair the gates. Once the service call is complete we look up the video of the incident and save it to a file for that community at our office in-case it is needed later for prosecution. We search the license plate of the vehicle that was responsible and get all the vehicle owners information. Our reports will display the name, address or addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, business affiliations, associates.

Once this report is generated we email out an invoice for all services, pictures of the vehicle and damage, and a report of who did it and how to contact them. All of this is done usually the same day of the incident which provides property managers and Hoa’s the tools they need to recoup the costs of gate strikes.